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Legal compliance can only be achieved and sustained once the applicable legal requirements have been identified and integrated into a management system. Without an up-to-date legal register, accurate identification and integration would be unfeasible. The scope of the Implex Legal Register includes references to all legal requirements that place an obligation or a prohibition on an organisation, based on activities conducted, or that might pose a significant legal risk, even if there are no direct obligations or prohibitions. The purpose of the Implex Legal Register is to identify applicable legislation while eliminating unrelated information. The majority of unrelated legislative requirements are filtered out based on your unique business processes and area of operation, thus producing a client/site specific and user-friendly legal register.

Implex have developed an integrated software package that compliments and enhances the functionality of Legal Register. This Legal Register Framework is not a generic software package, but rather a Software Solution that is customised according to your operations, activities and site-specific needs and requirements.

The Legal Register Software can be installed on a server on the network and made available to all users via the intranet.   No additional software is required by users to open and view the legal register. This multi-user web based electronic solution includes safety, health and environmental legislation on a national, provincial and local level

Bi-annual updates are conducted, through a review of existing view as well as the changes to legislation that occurred during the 6 month period under review. Changes or updates to the Legal Register Framework are recorded and tracked in the register’s audit trail function.

Implex can also offer hosting a service to Legal Register clients based on the fact that their own servers are unable to handle the additional activity related the Legal Register; alternatively where the client IT Department could not accept the additional responsibility of managing the technical requirements of the application.  This makes available to the Legal Register Client a highly accessible Data Centre without burdening their own server.

The advantages of the hosted option includes that the Legal Register Client is able to reduce capital expenditure of developing a server to host the Legal Register Framework on; alternatively to upgrade existing servers to deal with the hosting of the Legal Register. The Hosted Legal Register Option access would be similar to internet banking. Thus, Implex provides the client with a URL, and users get user names and passwords. Thus they would also be able to access the Hosted Legal register from any computer with internet access.



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