Implex conducts Safety, Health and Environmental Legal Compliance Audits. We calculate the time spent on site on our understanding of the size and complexity of the operations, after discussions with the client. Both audit disciplines consist of an administrative component (review of appointments, records, documents, permits, license, authorisations, exemptions, policies, procedures, contractor agreements, and other related documents) and a physical audit. Report writing time is allocated on a 1:1 principle – for each day on site a day of report writing. 

Legal compliance audits conducted by Implex on behalf of our clients, including legal register clients who have entered into a service level agreement with Implex to provide a holistic range of safety, health and environmental legal compliance solutions, are classified as first-party internal audits.

‘Auditor’ is defined as a person with the competence to conduct an audit; ‘Competence’ is classified as being a demonstrable ability to apply knowledge and skills. For the purposes of a legal compliance audit in any one of the disciplines offered by Implex, the Implex team offers competent and qualified auditors, which submission is supported by the curriculum vitae of the auditors.

Independence is the basis for the impartiality and objectivity of the audit conclusions. Auditors are independent of the activity being audited and are free from bias and conflict of interest. Implex is an independent legal compliance consultancy.  Neither Implex nor its staff have or have had any interest in client operations capable of affecting their ability to give an unbiased opinion, and will not receive any pecuniary or other benefits in connection with an audit project, other than normal consulting fees. Auditors maintain an objective state of mind throughout the audit process to ensure that the findings and conclusions will be based only on the evidence.

Evidence is the rational basis for reaching reliable and reproducible audit conclusions in a systematic audit process. Audit evidence is verifiable. It is based on samples of the information available, since an audit is conducted during a finite period of time and with finite resources. The appropriate use of sampling is closely related to the confidence that can be placed in the audit conclusions. Compliance with the above requirements is confirmed in the scope of the audits. In order to keep a record of the requirements that were considered, Implex develops a legal work document for the purposes of recording observations and findings. This document captures the audit criteria and is based on all the laws that may potentially influence a client’s activities, products or services. The focus of the audit reports is to principally identify and report on deviations from the law, where in the opinion of Implex it is appropriate, general observations have also been included. Nevertheless the report does not only focus on omission and non-conformances; the auditor will identify relevant and applicable National, provincial & local legislation and compliance therewith to establish actual compliance status. Information regarding the compliance is obtained, where available, from interviews with staff; information documents as supplied by staff; and visual observations. The actual evaluation of the level of compliance is undertaken on site, where a distinction is drawn between those questions that could be considered on documents and interviews, and those that required physical observation of the status quo. Findings made in the reports are based on a sample as well as observations identified during the legal compliance evaluation. There may be other similar findings to be found in areas not visited during the audit as well as discrepancies of a different nature altogether.

We have also developed customised system applications such as a self-assessor tool, construction kit, and legal compliance management frameworks as part of the customised consulting services that we offer.


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Implex provides consulting services that range from drafting contractor agreements, reviewing and updating appointment letters, through guidance on complicated legal issues such as Environmental Impact Assessments, Licensing and Permit Applications, Applications for Exemptions, Incident Investigations and Inquiries, and the like. In addition, our Consulting Department assist with implementation of management systems and preparation for systems audits. We also facilitate and prepare risk assessments and impact and aspect registers. This service is provided for on a per diem rate, with the number of days scoped and calculated in accordance with the specific requirements for each project on a case-by-case basis; after consultation with the client.  

We have also developed customised system applications such as a self-assessor tool, construction kit, and legal compliance management frameworks as part of the customised consulting services that we offer.


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